Timber Resin Repairs


Timber resin repair is a highly effective solution for the replacement of decayed ends or mid-sections of timber beams, frame or joists which have decayed due to rot or timber infestation and so have become weak and structurally unsound. 


Maximum retention with minimum disruption

trr1Unlike more traditional methods, this allows for the defective sections of timber to be replaced rather than the whole timber, parts of which may not be affected by any decay. It therefore ensures the original and often valuable and historical timbers can be retained with minimum disruption and damage to surrounding brickwork and plasterwork making it an ideal solution in heritage and listed buildings.


What does Timber Resin Repair involve?

trr2The process involves removing the decayed section of timbers and then slots and/or holes drilled in both the new and existing timber to receive reinforcing bars. The bars are placed in the slots, and resin is poured or injected to surround the reinforcement bars which then hardens to bond together the sections of timber.

Resins can be stained to match the original timber and specialised moulding mortars can be used to mimic graining and even woodworm and Deathwatch beetle flight holes.


Survey and Remedial Works

trr3Proten Services has been involved with timber engineering for over 25 years, in partnership with a number of specialist resin manufacturers. This particular area of expertise has been developed alongside universities, technical institutions and the Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA). 

Proten Services provide the expertise to survey, determine and carry out the exact resin repair specification needed relevant to the project. Our solutions include Timber Resin Splice (TRS) which reduces the amount of resin required to make the repair, thus making the repair more cost effective.

Our techniques can be used to repair rafters, tie beams, purlins, carrier beams, bressumers, lintels, timber frames and joists, to name a few examples.

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