Structural Repair


Structural cracking, horizontal cracking of bed joints, bowing brickwork, and cracked lintels are all signs that a building is undergoing movement of some description. This can Structural Repairsbe due to a number of reasons for example wall tie failure, lintel failure or natural causes such as tree roots affecting foundations.

How we can help

Proten Services have the expertise to diagnose, design and install systems for the repair of many different structural scenarios as well as working alongside Structural Engineers to carry out specialist structural repair work. We can provide a variety of solutions and we specialise in the repair of difficult and delicate problems including listed and historical properties. Our solutions are cost effective, concealed and non-disruptive.

It is recommended that in certain cases a Structural Engineer will be required to carry out a full structural survey, and we will always advise if this is a necessary option.


 A summary of Proten Services structural reinforcement techniques include:

  • Cavity wall tie installation
  • Mortar bed reinforcement
  • Lintel reinforcement
  • Lateral restraints
  • Crack stitching
  • Grout ties
  • Timber resin repair
  • Bespoke anchor systems inc Cintec
  • Soil nailing
  • Piling



We take pride in the work we provide for our clients and we understand the importance of security in these matters, which is why we ensure that all our works are guaranteed. We provide a Federation Member Guarantee via the Wall Tie Installers Federation (WTIF) and are approved to issue WTIF Insured Warranties on completed works. This Warranty is valid for 25 years and covers wall ties, lateral restraints and crack stitching, while it is also transferable to any new owner that inherits the property. This guarantee is underwritten by Lloyds of London Insurance Consortium.  

Our status as members of the Property Care Association, alongside our company guarantee, certifies that we can offer an additional insurance guarantee via Guarantee Protection Insurance Ltd (GPI).

We can also arrange for works to be independently supervised and completed to the highest standards by a Consulting Engineer or Chartered Building Surveyor.

Contact us for help & advice

If you concerned about structural issues affecting your property and you would like to request a survey, or for further information about the range of services we offer, please contact us on: