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Stormdry is a scientifically tested masonry protection cream with unique water repellent properties that makes it stand apart from other thinner protective masonry coatings.

Based on proven silane/siloxane technology, Stormdry works by lining the pores of the masonry rather than blocking them. This allows the wall to breathe rather than coating it. Its colourless formula means it does not alter the appearance of stone, brick or concrete to which it can be applied.

Proten Services are recommended installers for Stormdry. Our knowledge of damp and water penetration allows us to consider the most appropriate situations for its use as well as being skilled to carry out the required preparation and application of this product to ensure successful treatment.  


What are the benefits of Stormdry?

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  • Protects masonry against rain and water penetration
  • It allows masonry to breathe by lining but not blocking the pores
  • Its application does not alter the exterior of the property due to its colourless formula
  • It is deeply penetrating beyond the depth of the small cracks and performance is therefore not affected by erosion of the masonry surface
  • The thermal efficiency of the masonry is improved
  • Efficient and cost effective to apply due to a one coat single application
  • Limits biological growth
  • Ideal for use on brick, stone and concrete
  • Scientifically proven results

Where can Stormdry provide a solution?

As part of a damp proof specification

It’s application will provide continued protection against water ingress, particularly where walls are heavily exposed to wind driven rain or where rain water splashes over a damp proof course. 

As part of a flood resilience programme

Stormdry can be used as part of a flood resilience programme to enhance a barrier to water ingress as well as helping to dry out walls more easily after flooding than those treated with more conventional coatings.  After a property has been flooded, the amount of time it takes a building to dry out can take months, especially if wind and rain penetrates already saturated masonry. If the masonry is treated with Stormdry, then initial protection and post flood recovery are aided, meaning there is less chance of complications such as dry rot occuring in the future.

To help save energy  

Tests carried out by the University of Portsmouth demonstrate that energy savings of up to 29% are possible by keeping walls dry using Stormdry. This is because dry walls are better insulators than wet walls.  Test data also demonstrates that dry bricks have approximately twice the thermal efficiency of saturated bricks.

To better insulate 'Hard to Treat' Properties

Stormdry can assist with insulating single brick solid walls in older properties, in listed buildings and in those properties considered as 'Hard to Treat' (HTT) ie where cavity wall insulation is not possible due to the age of the property or type of construction. For a homeowner this means a property will stay warmer for longer as the amount of heat lost through brickwork is reduced which ultimately means lower heating bills, a warmer home and less carbon emissions.


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