Radon Mitigation



At Proten Services, our goal is to ensure the health and welfare of a property’s occupants are protected whether a domestic or a commercial premises. As radon experts we have developed cost effective solutions to do just that, as well as providing guidance and expertise to test, prevent and control the threat of exposure to radon gas both in the short and long term.

Whilst radon gas cannot be stopped, it can be controlled all year round to within acceptable levels using the appropriate and carefully defined solutions.


Existing Buildings

Radon levels in an existing building can be reduced using techniques such as air management systems and underfloor sump systems.  These will alter the air pressure inside the building and if installed correctly will prevent the build up of radon gas.  If not installed correctly they can do the reverse and actually draw the gas into the property.



In a property with a basement, there is a greater chance of radon penetrating through the walls combined with the increased danger of the gas building up in a confined and possibly poorly ventilated area. It is however possible to combine waterproofing with the control of radon gas via Radon ADD Waterproofing System. Further information can be found by visiting the ADD Waterproofing page.

New Builds

In the case of new builds, gas containment barriers which are impermeable to radon and act as a physical barrier to gas ingress can be laid across the foundation of a building during construction. It is important that these are installed by trained specialists, as any gaps or splits in the material will allow the gas to pass through and can render the membrane useless.

Current Building Regulations require new builds in certain parts of the country to incorporate radon protection. Approved Document C is currently being rewritten and the revised version is likely to require all new builds and extensions to include basic radon protection.


A summary of the radon solutions Proten Services provide

  • Radon testing and result analysis (3 month and 10 day screening available)
  • ADD waterproofing system for basements (combining waterproofing with the control of radon gas)
  • Air management units
  • Underfloor sump systems
  • Gas containment barriers
  • Annual maintenance checks on equipment and bi-annual testing for radon levels

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