Radon Gas



Radon is a colourless, odourless, radioactive gas that is formed during the decay of uranium, present in the ground in rocks and soil. Radon is measured in Becquerels and expressed as Bq/m3.

In low concentrations the gas poses no threat. However, if the concentration of radon is allowed to rise and amass inside a building, it can have a serious impact on the health of the property’s occupants. When concentration of the gas is high, the radioactive decay products are inhaled and some are deposited in the lungs where they continue to emit radiation. Long-term exposure can lead to lung cancer.


Growing Public Awareness

Knowledge as to the threat radon poses to health is growing, with independent organisations such as the Radon Council lobbying for change to current legislation to ensure greater protection and awareness.  In July 2010, the Health Protection Agency (HPA) lowered the acceptable safety levels present in homes and public buildings. 2009 revisions to the British Standard for Below Ground Waterproofing for the first time, referred to radon stating that radon should be taken into account when designing any below ground waterproofing system.


How Proten Services can help 

Proten Services have an in-depth understanding of radon and as founder members of the Radon Council and with fully trained surveyors and operatives, we are expertly positioned to offer advice and a range of solutions to domestic and commercial clients alike.

Our experience covers basements (conversions and retro fit), new build projects and existing properties including banks, schools and colleges.

It is important to note that any contractor employed to deal with radon levels in a property is trained in radon remediation; as installing inappropriate or wrongly-calibrated systems can lead to radon levels increasing which can have severe consequences to property occupants.


Our Radon Services

Radon Testing

The presence of radon can only be measured using specialist detectors.  Proten Services offer a 3-month testing service with results processed in a HPA approved laboratory. 10-day screening is also available, however we recommend a 3 month test period to provide more accurate results due to the fluctuating nature of radon levels. 

Radon Level Analysis and Recommendations

Once results have been processed, a member of our radon team will assess and recommend control solutions as necessary which are detailed in a bespoke report. Advice will be given relative to the actual results versus the recommended safety levels as given by the HPA. If necessary we will arrange for a surveyor to visit the property in order to design an appropriate remedial system and provide a quotation for its installation.

Radon Mitigation

As experienced contractors in the field of radon remediation, the solutions we offer are suitable for existing buildings, new build projects and for basements. This includes the Radon ADD Waterproofing System which is system specifically designed to combine basement waterproofing with the control of radon gasWe also provide post-work radon testing to confirm that the steps taken have indeed lowered radon levels.

Read more detailed information about Mitigation and how to order a Radon testing testing kit.


For help and advice

If you are concerned about radon and you would like further information and advice on how we can assist, please contact us on: