How to Solve Condensation


Condensation is a common problem in many buildings but there are solutions available that allows it to be prevented and completely stopped.

Proten Services provide:

  • Help and advice on how to prevent condensation
  • Condensation survey
  • Access to a gold star vetted range of condensation control units
  • Installation of units by Proten approved installers
  • After service care and peace of mind through warranty on units and help desk.


Assess and adapt general living habits

There are a number of factors that can contribute to the amount of moisture and condensation seen in the home such as drying clothes on radiators, the number of people living in a property and lack of ventilation opportunities. Condensation can also start to occur after making changes to a property such as adding insulation as this can block the natural leakage points through which moisture could previously pass to the outside.

Adapting general living habits can help. This involves increasing ventilation and airflow in a property by methods such as checking airbricks are present and not blocked, clearing out full wardrobes, opening windows as much as possible to ensure airflow and making sure extractor fans are switched on and in good working order. 

However some properties are more susceptible to condensation than others so other options are available.  


Condensation Survey

The cause of condensation can be more complicated than is often thought. Where problems are ongoing, ProTen Services will undertake a condensation survey to build a true diagnsotic picture of why the condensation is occuring. This will involve:

  • Identifying the moisture, humidity and dew point levels within a property to qualify if these are consistent with that of condensation.  
  • Assessing for influencing factors which could be causing the condensation such as lack of ventilation opportunities, property layout and number of occupants
  • Checking for any damage as a result of the condensation and other potential damp conditions.  
  • Identifying the requirement for a specialist unit as a means of preventing condensation.
  • Deciding the type of unit, where this should be located in the property and the settings it should be set to. 

Gold Star Range of Condensation Control Units

Proten Services provide customers access to the best units on the market which we specify according to the property requirements. The units within the ProTen Condensation Control Range, ensures there is a solution suitable for all different property types; houses, flats, basements and bungalows for residential, tenanted and commercial premises to combat condensation, humidity and ventilation problems.

  • Positive Input Ventilation Unit Range
  • Extractor Fan Range
  • Heat Recovery Unit Range

Dehumidifiers are sometimes thought of as a solution to cure condensation. However although they do work to remove moisture from the air, they are not a solution that will address condensation problems. Dehumidifiers only remove moisture in the room where they are placed rather than throughout the home and do nothing to add ventilation in the home.  They are often loud, and expensive to run for long periods of time.

Specialist condensation control units provide a far superior and cost effective long term solution. 


 Installation of Units

Our Contracts Team work with our clients to schedule in the most suitable time to access the property and oversee the process of making sure the unit is installed with mininum hassle and dispruption.  Our installers are qualified electricians and their expertise and attention to detail will ensure the unit is set to give optimum performance and that the site is left clean and tidy.  Our Contracts team are on hand to always answer any questions our clients may have.

After Service Care

Once the unit is installed a warranty is issued on the unit. 

For further information on how we can solve the condensation problems you may be experiencing, our expert team is ready to help: