Flood Restoration


When dealing with buildings that have been affected by flooding, it is important to understand the impact and implications of the water on the fabric of the building, as well as the long term implications of the repairs needed. Too often repairs to flood affected buildings are undertaken by general builders with little or no understanding of the long term effect that can be expected when buildings get wet.

Proten Services are members of the Property Care Association Flood Remediation Group and as such we are specialists when it comes to repairing buildings affected by water ingress. We will specify and undertake repairs that will provide the building with far greater resilience to future floods as well as using innovative materials and techniques previously seen only in underground waterproofing adapted to above ground situations. This will provide a greater degree of water management capable of reducing the impact of future flooding events and provide the opportunity for rapid reinstatement.

We also provide assistance, advice and support for insurance claims and also assess for treatments which may be necessary to ensure guarantees are still valid.

Our specialist flood related services

Flood damage repair assessment and dry out monitoring

Proten Services will undertake a Flood Damage Repair Survey to ensure the correct remedial works are identified and carried out. This will involve inspecting the structure, monitoring the drying out stages and conducting ongoing investigations to highlight areas at risk from future issues such as rot and fungal attack.

Flood repair and reinstatement

Proten Services will provide reinstatement solutions able to cope with the damage caused by water ingress. Proten's expertise will ensure that future problems as a result of the water ingress will reduce significantly especially and with the added protection of works carried out with the availability of long term underwritten guarantees. Where buildings are affected by other forms of contamination introduced by flood water the services of a specialist in decontamination may be required.

Our remediation solutions include:

  • Rapid re-entry waterproofing solutions adapted to above ground situations. This involves the installation of a specialist membrane to line the internal wall surfaces and combining this with a specialist drying out unit. This provides an immediate dry surface while the drying out unit ensures the walls dry outwards.
  • Damp proof course replacement and specialist replastering
  • Ongoing moisture testing to structural timbers and walls to monitor for any risk from fungal decay or mould growth


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Proten's surveyors have a comprehensive understanding of buildings and the stresses brought about by flood water. As an active member of the PCA we are involved in the future development of future techniques which will enable Proten to continue to provide ever increasing improvements of the service it is able to offer flood damaged victims.

In summary, Proten can be relied upon to provide high quality flood remediation works, as well as advice and guidance with drying buildings and preventing decay following a flood.

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