Containment Gas Barriers

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Gases such as methane and carbon dioxide can occur naturally through the biodegradation of peat and vegetation; however the most common causes of their incidence are manmade.

The biodegradation of organic materials on landfill sites accounts for the majority of cases of contaminated land. Contamination can also be found in the form of VOCs on sites that have previously been used for certain industrial activities, including breweries and dry cleaners..

Protection from contaminant gases is provided in the form of gas barriers, venting systems, or a combination of the two.

A venting system is used to either dilute gas to a specified target level or to provide a pathway of least resistance, so the gas can be guided away from a building to a known location, where it can safely be released into the atmosphere.

Proten Services are experienced installers of a variety of gas barriers including barriers to protect new builds from naturally occuring radioactive gas, Radon. A gas barrier (or membrane) acts as a physical barrier to gas ingress. In order for the barrier to be effective, the material used must be certificated for the specific gas it is being used to exclude. It must be installed by a specialist who has the necessary training and expertise to ensure it forms a complete seal across the footprint of the building.


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