Cavity Wall Ties


Cavity Wall Ties 2Since the 1930's cavity walls were used in the construction of a property to provide a greater degree of protection from the natural elements and to help improve thermal insulation. In recent years the wall ties used to tie the internal and external walls of properties built prior to the early 1980’s are suffering from wall tie failure as the mild steel or galvanised wire ties embedded in the mortar start to corrode. In its advanced stages the corrosion of the wall ties will expand causing horizontal cracking in the brickwork and eventually loss of stability between the two skins of brickwork.

Visual evidence of corrosion can be seen by horizontal cracking through the brickwork and mortar of external wall surfaces or hairline cracking to external render. If corrosion is severe or neglected this may lead to bulging of the wall.

Not just older properties are affected. New build properties are being found to require supplementary wall tie systems where insufficient ties have been implemented or omitted altogether in the build process.


Survey and installation of wall ties

Cavity Wall Ties 4

Proten Services have the technical experience to provide solutions for all types of construction and renovation projects. Our surveyors use a combination of specialist equipment and investigatory procedures to carry out a thorough investigation to diagnose the issues and provide the solution. They adhere to all relevant guidelines to ensure the correct type of wall tie and procedure is specified and to define the correct method of isolation.  

Remediation and installation works are carried out by our trained and highly skilled technicians and they work to a detailed specification of works. Remediation works will involve isolating the failed ties and installing specialist ties made from a non-corrosive high grade material. This is done by drilling through the outer wall and into the inner wall usually from the outside of the building. We will also carry out installation works where new walls need to be tied to existing structures. Throughout the works, random ‘pull out’ testing is undertaken to ensure a correct fixing is being achieved.  

Wall tie replacement is a technical process and accordingly we use only our own trained and experienced in-house surveyors and technicians to survey and carry out this work.


Guaranteed works

We are members of the Wall Tie Installers Federation (WTIF) and alongside our company guarantee we offer added protection through the WTIF Insured Warranty.Cavity Wall Ties 3 This is valid for 25 years and is transferable to any new owner of the property covering wall ties, lateral restraints and crack stitching. The guarantee is underwritten by Lloyds of London Insurance Consortium.  

We can also arrange for works to be independently supervised and the completed workmanship signed off by Consulting Engineer or Chartered Building Surveyors.


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