The life-cycle of woodworm


Woodworm Most of us are familiar with the name woodworm but what is lesser known is that the term woodworm in fact refers to the larvae of woodboring beetles of which there are many different species in the UK.   The Common Furniture beetle is the most widespread across…

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What is Radon and how does it affect us?


Radon is a colourless, odourless gas that is formed when there is a breakdown of the Uranium present in the ground, rocks and soil. When radon permeates the ground into the atmosphere, it is quickly diluted to low concentrations. However, if it rises into and collects within a building,…

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Basement Waterproofing – Doing it the right way.


We receive a wide array of enquiries relating to basements, ranging from surveying a basement to diagnose the source of dampness, to addressing failed waterproofing and tanking systems, carrying out sump and pump inspections, supporting customers who are part of our aftercare Pump Servicing Scheme.   This blog…

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Spotlight on our partners – Helifix


Helifix are market leading designers and manufacturers of structural repair products, Helical remedial wall ties, fixings and masonry repair systems. Helifix created the original one-piece stainless steel helical fixing nearly 30 years ago, and have gone on to become one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range…

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Landlords, it’s time to protect your investment.


As a landlord, it is your responsibility to ensure your rental property is well maintained, not just to keep your tenants happy but to also protect your investment. Having long-term tenants in residence is great for business, but if you’re not maintaining the property there could be costly…

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How to determine if you have a condensation problem or damp.


There are three main types of damp problems that we see here at ProTen; Rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. In this post, we’re going to explain the difference between damp and condensation to help you determine which problem you might have in your home. Rising Damp Rising…

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5 Tips for Converting Your Basement


The one thing the majority of modern families want from their home is more space. With house prices continuing to rise, particularly in our Capital and other major cities, the demand for larger dwellings increases, whilst the number or larger homes on the market falls. This combination obviously…

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