Bird Control


Bird infestation on buildings can create a number of serious problems including a threat to human health, safety concerns and structural damage.

  • Structural damage can occur due to the corrosive acidity of bird droppings, and the sheer weight of fouling can also lead to a risk of ceilings and roofs collapsing.
  • Droppings and nesting materials can cause blockage of gutters and rainwater outlets, giving rise to water damage and the potential for fungal decay in structural timbers.
  • Nest debris can also block air intakes and air conditioning units.
  • Bird droppings can be very slippery and can be dangerous in areas of public access, causing a particular hazard on external stairways.


Bird Proofing


Proten Services can offer a number of cost effective solutions to bird proofing your building, which could include netting, spikes and post and wire systems, or a combination of all three. Only in extreme cases, where proofing is not practical and human health is at risk, the pest birds may have to be physically removed by trapping or shooting. This is always seen as a last resort and will clearly only be considered when all other options of proofing are not practicable.


Contact us for help and advice

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